The horses will never cross the bridge
Beating won’t move them an inch
On the ground they’re fixed with chains
It’s the final day to recite your prayers

Return to the stables before the end
Has reached us at our fingertips
Before it choked our voice away
Is it scarier when you cannot scream?

The earth is evil and nothing awaits
Sit in a magic cave when it happens
And our little world crumbles apart
At least you will have me by your side

We will be submerged by the blue together
There’s nothing holy about it,
This is just a plain old melancholia
We were destined to die



Ma, are we alone?
I ask but no one replies
Then I kneel, watching the flies
Ma, turns around
She breaks the silence:
‘these flies will eat our rotten
Flesh when we die’
Ma, often screams
Across the room
Because there is no escape
From the pair of his eyes
Staring in the night
Our room is a pair of jaws
I heard once she said
There’s just something
Wrong with her head
But then she whispered
‘i’m better off dead’
So I covered my ears
And whimpered like
A dog in fear

Wake You Up

When you are tired
I cannot wake you up
Few times I have tried
To cling to your bed
Bathe you in my tears
The room was overflowing
But you couldn’t wake up
Like always I was left alone
Scooping the water with
Two buckets in my grip
I wasn’t ready to drown
When I knew that you could
Wake up someday
So I sat on the edge and I
Felt your gentle breath
Then I closed my eyes as well
And we sank into the
water together

Hearing Voices

I thought that I’ve heard someone calling
My name from the back of the water
Nymphs wail in those ancient stories
As their wings have been broken
By the unexpected thunderstorm
I kept making up the legends
Who’s that voice inside my head?
Strangers tell me I need a mirror
It’s me, I’m still wailing to myself

Summer’s Body

My body is driftwood
It’s cracked in several places
When I’m naked
I feel that my ribs will break
If I breathe too hard
My breakfast was pain
And I skipped my lunch
For dinner I had some water
And swallowed the pills
Without hesitation
I lay in the bath like a
Corpse inside the coffin
But they all keep telling me:
‘Are you dead enough
To have the summer’s body?’

Bleeding Lily

Her white garment is tainted
She will make you look twice
If you ever see her again
The lady is an empty space
Her eyes are closed tightly
Like a pair of windows on
The ruined house that’s
Almost falling to pieces
She leaves crimson marks
When she walks on the street
A speechless bleeding lily
How could she ever ask
For your help again?

In Love

The graves have possessed me
Do you still dwell there inside
Waiting for me still, even when I cannot die?
They say there’s a stone on your heart
but I keep seeing it move
The cracks will break after a push
Blood runs through my veins
I’m a present covered in ribbons
Manically prepared to destroy the
Barrier between us with my bare hands
Ravens would land to kiss your flesh
But I know that you are only mine
I will pick your bones and build a shrine
To worship under the green light
I’m not possessed, I’m just in love
And love who else am I supposed to love?